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Cyndie Lepori, Dolphin Emissary

Internationally Renowned Visionary, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Teacher.

Honored Member, Worldwide Who's Who (Inducted March 2013)

Cyndie Lepori, Dolphin Emissary   Email:   Phone: 601-466-6559


Cyndie Lepori Dolphin Emissary, Teacher and Author

      I Graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in December of 1988, with a Major in Nursing, and minor in Psychology. Returning to school, I graduated the Lifesprings program in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. In 1998. This training included the Leadership and Masters Program. I have also returned to USM and Milsaps College as a guest lecturer on Alternative Therapies several times.

      My Nursing experience in the Emergency Room, ICU, CCU and Home Health Care, lends another level of knowledge and common sense to my work, and has assisted me in becoming a medical intuitive, working on Quantum Levels.

      As a Level 13 Ascension Reiki Master Teacher since 1994, I have taught over 350 students in Mississippi and around the world, and have taught Reiki Groups in Petal and Jackson Mississippi for seven years.

      I am certified by Linda Shay as a Dolphin Energy Practitioner. I am also a Dolphin and Whale Emissary and Ocean Advocate, traveling the world, spreading the light in several countries such as; Mexico, Spain, California, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Holland, and Costa Rica.

      My passion for the dolphins, whales, and oceans began in college, as an ocean activist and retired scuba diving instructor.

      While working in Hawaii, I connected with the dolphins and whales. I connected with and was asked by the dolphins to be an Emissary while living on my sailboat for 5 years, sailing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Bahamas.

      Also, I am a certified Channeler and Medium, and have the Mantle of Authority given by the Masters to remove and heal Karmic Records and Patterns, assist Negative energies and Entities to be healed, and removed from properties and people.

      I can also clear properties and reset energies with the placement of vortexes and positive energies in a home or properties or areas.

      I am a certified transition specialist in service to people or animals who have gone to the other side of the veil, assisting them into a holding area for further education and healing by the angels until they are ready for the light. I work directly with the Angels and Masters in service to the Earth and to Humanity. This lead to a top position in the Spirit Rescue Group as a volunteer.

      I have been doing energy and intuitive work for 30 years with passion and integrity, balancing spirituality with common sense. As an Energy Practitioner, I incorporate many facets of my training as a Level 13 Ascension Reiki Master and Teacher, Certified Dolphin Energy Practitioner and a Certified Channeler and Medium. Most of my experiences started with Ascension Reiki and advanced along in my own growth and development. My clients have benefited significantly through all the modalities I currently work with.

      Classes, Workshops, Training, and Fun Events will be scheduled on a regular basis. If you would like to have an event or workshop created for yourself or your people please contact me. I also do private consults and readings. I can work from a distance or in person. Thank you for allowing me to be of service 

      Cyndie Lepori