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"Everyone who loves dolphins and whales or wants to learn more about their incredible examples of good living, kind giving and advanced captivating behaviors, will want to consume every word written in this unique and all-encompassing book written by 19 experts in the field of cetacean communication, meditation, healing and international ocean-swimming." Cyndie had the honor of not only writing her chapter in this amazing book, she also channeled the conclusion straight from the dolphins.​ To get your personalized and autographed edition, click the "BUY NOW" button!

Dolphin Hugs 4 U 2 Books

When Billy meets a dolphin named Bubbles, he begins to see his life, the lives of dolphins and other colorful characters in a new and wonderful way. These adventures profoundly change not only how he thinks of himself and his place in this world, but how he views the others in the story as well. It is a wonderfully positive inspiring adventure story full of mermaids, dolphins, and ETs, that will keep you turning every page, reading it many times. This beautifully written and illustrated story is not just a book for children, and will be read over and over for years to come. To get your personalized and autographed edition by Cyndie, click the "BUY NOW" button!​

"New Release!" Cyndie has written this book in a larger format, with Larger Print and Illustrations. An abreviated version of "Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker"! The book is 8 x 11, and perfect for early readers, in an easy read bed time story version! This personalized and autographed edition is a great addition to your collection! To get your copy today, click the "BUY NOW" button!

This NEW RELEASE, Billy and Bubbles the Dolphin, is an early school age version, and the latest in the series of Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker books. It is a magical story of an autistic boy who meets Bubbles and she shows him who he really is in this under the sea and into space adventure. This beautifully written book is a positive story and has no bad guy and teaches ecology and a love for the planet. A 2500 word book, fully illustrated by Layne Keeton Murrish. It also includes a game of hidden names that will challenge you to find! To get your signed and personalized edition by Cyndie, click the "BUY NOW" button!

Billy and Bubbles the Dolphin
For ages 6 to 10
New Release/Signed      $15.00

Rated   ★★★★★   on Amazon

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★★★★★   on Amazon

Bubbles the Dolphin
For the Little Ones
New Release/Signed     $15.00

Best Seller on Amazon:
Dolphins and Whales Forever 
by Takara and 18 Others.  
(Cyndie wrote a chapter and channeled the Conclusion for this Book)

EnJoy these exciting Dolphin adventures. 

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Dolphins and Whales Forever

Signed  $20.00

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Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker
For ages 10 and up
New Edition/Signed    $20.00