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Cyndie Lepori, Dolphin Emissary

Internationally Renowned Visionary, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Teacher.

Honored Member, Worldwide Who's Who (Inducted March 2013)

Ever wanted to join with the Whales and Dolphins?
You have an opportunity!
Beautiful Drake Bay, Costa Rica
Now is your chance!

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A Personal Message from Cyndie...
“I just got back from 6 months in the most beautiful ecologically diverse areas of the world and now I want to share it with you!”

Need to go shallower?  To receive the next trip discount sign up  by February 1 and receive 150.00 off.  But remember space is very limited and you don't want to miss this trip!

We meet in San Jose, Costa Rica on October 1, 2017 to October 15, 2017

The main focus of this trip is the Dolphins with the occasional Northern Humpbacks thrown in for good measure. Costa Rica has 5 main species of dolphins. The Bottlenose, Spinners, Commons, Saw tooth, and Pan Tropical Spotted Dolphins who often come together in Super Pods! We will have 3 dolphin tours with Sierra Goodman, who has lived there for over 18 years, and 3 jungle/beach days. We will be staying in a very nice hotel in the jungle with all the diverse wildlife that Costa Rica has to offer, near the beach.  Any questions, please contact me at or call 601-466-6559.  To view Itinerary click here. 

A week with Cyndie, not only allows you to experience beautiful boat trips to be with the Whale and Dolphins, but she will also be holding play shops! In between the Dolphin and Whale boat trips, she will provide you practical tools to assist you in reaching your highest potentials in every area of your life, that are simple, fun and profound! This Play shop also includes a Dolphin Blue Star Attunement to immerse you into the Dolphin and Whale Energies. The Dolphin Blue Star Attunement will fully activate your Merkaba and open you to your Blue Star Energy channel that allows you to bring forth your inner Dolphin and Whale.

Cyndie Lepori is the Dolphin Emissary, an internationally renowned Best Selling Author, Speaker, Channeler, and monthly contributor to Species Link Magazine. She has been a Spokesperson, Activist and Advocate for the Dolphins, Whales and Oceans for over 30 years. She has created fun easy tools to assist you in reaching your highest potentials in every area of your life.

Cyndie Lepori, Dolphin Emissary   Email:   Phone: 601-466-6559

Our trip is to beautiful Drake Bay Costa Rica!